More PMVs and taxis impounded

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Report and picture by ALISON ANIS

TRAFFIC officials from the National Capital District traffic office and the Land Transport division have seized an additional 17 unregistered and not-road-worthy public motor vehicles (PMVs) from Morata and Gerehu.
Drivers were charged for illegal operations and brought to Boroko police station.
This followed the initiative by the two agencies to work in line with the National Capital District Commission, Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL) and the National Road Safety Council in policing the image of traffic in the city.
According to Land Transport division operations manager, Herman Wakia, the officers confiscated nine PMV buses and eight taxis yesterday and drove them to Land Transport division office at Gordon while drivers and owners were charged and locked up for breaking traffic rules under the Summary Offences Act.
“We have, in our yard, 23 buses and 13 taxis and we are looking at bringing in more vehicles from around the city,” Mr Wakia said, adding that many PMV drivers and operators were still at large and he appealed to them to cooperate and come forward.
“PMV drivers and owners who have been charged will appear in traffic court at Boroko where a court order will be issued directing what should be done.
“Once everything is completed, the vehicles will be returned to the owners but with a court order stating that the PMVs are in an unfit conditions and should stop operating or put in workshops for repairs before returning back to the road,” Mr Wakia said.
He said drivers who breached the court order were liable for further prosecution with more serious charges under the Criminal Offences Act.
Mr Wakia said traffic officers were posted at various bus stops around the city to ensure PMV drivers adhered to traffic rules and stuck to their routes.
He said officers would also ensure that there PMVs were not overloaded while travelling.
“While doing this the officers are also watching out for public motor vehicles that are not roadworthy,” he said.
“It seems everybody including passengers are ignorant as you can still see buses overload and passengers standing at the entrance while the bus is traveling,” Mr Wakia said, adding that they were also looking at introducing tougher measures to promote road safety practices.