More powers to Enga a lucky shot


ENGA is fortunate to be given more powers by the Government, says Governor Sir Peter Ipatas.
He said this in Wabag yesterday when explaining the need for greater autonomy for the province, which will be launched today.
“We need autonomy, more power to give us ownership to drive our province,” Sir Peter said.
“Many people went on Facebook and made criticisms. You are too small to play politics at the national level. If you’re a true Engan, you will be proud that we are going to be given the powers to run our affairs.
“We are the last province. If National Government gives us the power you should be proud and be part of the change. I won’t be here always.
“I invest in education – not for you to play politics.”
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will be in Wabag today to grant greater autonomy to Enga.
Greater autonomy for Enga means sharing of responsibilities and risks between National and provincial government to improve service delivery and strengthen governance.

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