More technical approach for Kerevat: GG

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GOVERNOR-General Sir Paulias Matane wants the Kerevat National High School to be converted into a special selective school with a technical basis to help supply skilled and trained students to replace some of the skilled foreign workers in the country.
Sir Paulias suggested this last Thursday during the launching of the book, Tuum est Kerevat National High School and its students (1946-1986).
He said National Planning and District Development Minister Paul Tiensten at the PNG-Australian Forum held in Brisbane recently, reached an agreement to send 2,000 PNG students to Australia annually starting next year to be trained in various technical fields.
Sir Paulias said Mr Tiensten meant well, but maybe history could repeat itself and Kerevat could rise “from the ashes” and do the job.
Kerevat, along with other national high schools in PNG, could be used to supply skilled students, he said.
Sir Paulias was adamant that Kerevat needed rebuilding and not closing and it had been coping well during the past 10 years, “it just needs a completely new direction”.
He said the suggested school would have its intakes selected from the top Grade Eight graduates from all provinces and bring together gifted and talented students nationwide to study at
advanced levels.
Sir Paulias said the school would surely solve lots of problems.
It would raise standards for Grade 12 and produce students interested in technical training, improve standards of agriculture for those willing to return to their villages and be farmers, create students willing to train in ways so that they could replace all the foreign workers.