More than 400 students at Kilakila Secondary sit for exam

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MORE than 400 students sat for their National Written Expression examination yesterday at the Kilakila Secondary School in Port Moresby.
Hilares Aquino, the deputy principal academic, said despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the school managed to prepare the students for the exam.
“It was hard when students returned in term two, they seemed to be lazy but I am certain they will do well because our teachers have been working really hard to prepare them for today,” Aquino said.
She said Covid-19 saw students reluctant to learn and some lost focus.
“We allowed them to withdraw,” she said.
“We had 500 students who registered at the beginning of the year but due to the Covid-19 and maybe other medical reasons we had some who withdrew.
“We hope to maintain the number of students till the end of the year and they will sit for the final exams as well.”
According to the Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra, records from the Measurement Services Division (MSD) of the Department of Education, showed that about 80,000 students sat for the exams yesterday.
Dr Kombra said the exams were postponed twice due to Covid-19 to allow students to prepare and equip themselves for the exams and the department was confident that schools would do well.

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