More to be done with Jiwaka


THE bold decision of Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp about eight years ago to set up the provincial headquarters for the new province at Kurumul was recently endorsed by the National Executive Council when Prime Minister James Marape officiated the groundbreaking ceremony last week before a capacity crowd.
It is ideally located between the towns of Minj and Banz with the added advantage of Okuk Highway passing through it.
The land has no issues given the existing 99 years State lease of a rundown tea and coffee estate remains the prerogative of the State to acquire and convert into an urban development lease under the custody of an appropriate commercial arm of the provincial government.
Only the person who holds the position of governor can be the sole trustee shareholder of that entity vested with the ownership.
A zoning master plan should be published for public scrutiny to accommodate any oversights.
One suggestion is for an appropriate business arm of the Jiwaka government to establish a one stop mega bulk supplies trading hub at the further end of the headquarters.
All needs of Jiwaka should be secured directly out of Lae and Madang for its population via private sub-wholesale and retail distribution in their localities.
The suggested model of State-owned corporation to intervene to bring commercial activities to the doorstep for greater public benefit should be tried here as such have worked well for China.
An investment into 60 to 100 4-star hotel rooms should be factored in among other basics amenities as suggested by previous commentators to create a new vibrant provincial capital as a growth centre.