More violence in Kandep

Letters, Normal

THE relatives and supporters of Kandep MP Don Polye, the winner of the recent by-election, have intensified their looting and destruction of properties in the villages of the losing candidates.
However, their focus is on the village and property of the runner-up, whose village shares boundaries with Kandep station.
They are also terrorising all the supporters and relatives of other candidates in the recent by-election.
These arsonists and terrorists are taking advantage of Kandep’s isolation, particularly with regard to the lack of media penetration in the area.
The looting, destruction of properties and pure terrorism have intensified since polling ended, with the winner’s supporters setting up road blocks to prevent election officials and police from taking the ballot boxes to Mt Hagen and then Goroka for counting.
The latest casualties of the destruction are government houses in Kandep station, where the looters and arsonists have forcefully and illegally entered.
This kind of behaviour is unknown in Kandep.
It is also unprecedented and unheard of among Engans.
It is misleading if anyone were to think that violence in Kandep has ended just because no one has reported these things after the declaration of a winner.
The police are aware of what is going on because they were caught right in the centre of the recent road blocks and were the targets.
They must now increase their presence in Kandep.
The on-going terrorism and destruction are a part of a long-term plan to continue hijacking and manipulating election process in Kandep.
The people there have no respect for democratic election process.

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