More water woes facing supplier

Lae News, Normal


WHEN Waterboard is already under pressure from the recent water woes, a group of Lae consumers have raised another issue.
Many Lae residents and water consumers claim they have been unfairly treated by PNG Waterboards as the water supplier, under the integrated water project.
The project underwent major publicity in Lae towards the end of last year, where customers  with outstanding water bills and those involved in illegal connections were disconnected and given a grace period to make themselves known get connected again.
Many consumers under that category came forward during that grace period with their details and were promised to get connected.
The National met with some of these consumers who claim they were not treated fairly after meeting their “side of the bargain with PNG Water Board”.
“We have been waiting in vain for over two months now for water to be connected to our homes.
“Upon queries we are always told that our problems will be addressed but this is not happening,” John Peter a frustrated consumer said.
Mr Peter paid K100 to get connected again and is till waiting whiel surviving on rain water in drums.
He said water is important for human survival, and vowed to get connected illegally if nothing happens by the end of the month.