Moresby cop attacks head teacher

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The National, Tuesday 21st August, 2012

THE head teacher of a mission school in Port Moresby was allegedly beaten by a police officer in full view of students and teachers yesterday morning.
The policeman allegedly beat the teacher while in full uniform.
Martin Togemas, from Enga, the head teacher of Noblet Primary School, was beaten after he sent a student home for failing to wear the proper uniform to school.
The school had ended assembly and began classes yesterday morning when the attack took place between 9am and 10am.School officials said the head teacher had sent home a Grade 2 student for not following the proper code of dressing.The student returned to school with his mother, who spoke with the head teacher for several minutes before leaving.
The father of the student, a policeman, then arrived at the school and confronted the head teacher.
Togemas said he was trying to explain his actions but the policeman punched him on the face and instructed him to get into the waiting police vehicle. He was driven to the Hohola police station where he was detained.The punching took place in front of students and other teachers at the school, Togemas claimed when contacted yesterday. Togemas said no explanation was given for the attack on him and no charge was laid against him.The policemen were reportedly from the Hohola police station.
“I was bleeding but no one bothered to help me,” Togemas said.
“I was locked up at around 10.30am and released at midday,” he said.
“All the policemen at the Hohola police station were biased and did not listen to my side of the story.
“I had to pay them (police) K100 and say sorry to them before they released me,” he said.
Attempts to get comments from police yesterday were unsuccessful.