Moresby girls school holds open day

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The National , Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ALL human resource development activities should follow one common widely understood policy, Stanislaus Motolova said.
Motolova, the National Training Council human resource development and policy planning deputy director, said it was imperative that PNG followed the set policy as soon as possible.
In an address to students, teachers and parents at the Caritas Technical Secondary School open day on Sunday, Motolova challenged them to develop young Papua New Guinea women to be competent employees.
He said such an education should enable women to achieve their career goals and intellectual ambitions, and equip them with analytical and practical skills that made them highly sought after.
“Competencies cover the knowledge, skills and know-how applied and mastered in a speci­fic context,” he said.
He said the term qualification meant a formal expression of the vocational or professional abilities of a citizen that was recognised at sectoral, national or international levels.
Motolova said portable competencies and qualifications enhanced any individual’s capacity to make use of the education and training opportunities available in order to secure and retain decent work to progress within enterprise and also between different jobs.
“In other words the national qualification framework should enable people to be employable,” he said.
He said that human resource development and training was crucial input in the economy, social and cultural development into growth as people.
“Quite simply, if we do not train, we do not grow,” Motolova said.