Moresby has the potential to improve

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PORT Moresby has the potential to become the capital city of not only Papua New Guinea but  the South Pacific region, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said last Friday night.
“Moresby can change for the better and it is on that path although we have about 5,000km ahead of us,” Mr Parkop said.
He said opportunity crime like car-jacking, bag-snatching and assault had declined in recent months and called on the city residents to take ownership of their city.
“Port Moresby has the potential to become the major centre for business and tourism for the country and the capital city of the South Pacific.”
To achieve this, it needed good leadership, management and change of attitude by the city residents, Mr Parkop said during the launch of the city’s second fountain at the Gerehu roundabout.
It was a family night for Gerehu residents who turned up to watch the launching of the colourful fountain on Christmas Day.
More than 500 witnessed the colourful fountain being switched on with fireworks.
Mr Parkop said with the ExxonMobil-led LNG project coming on stream and the second InterOil LNG project, Port Moresby would be the centre of activities although the project is located in Southern Highlands and Gulf provinces respectively.
Mr Parkop said the developments being undertaken and the latest Christmas lights and water fountain at Five-Mile and Gerehu, the recreational park being built around the city were from existing NCDC funds.
He said there were no new funds or increase but with good management of revenue and vision of the leaders, they had now changed the city for the benefit of all residents.