Moresby North-East lacking basic services


MORESBY North-East has been lacking basic services since local MP John Kaupa entered Parliament in 2017.
The electorate remains the most populated compared to other electorates in the nation’s capital.
Electorates in the National Capital District are manageable because there are existing infrastructures and facilities that only requires maintenance and improvement.
However, it is sad state to see women carrying plastic containers and waking distances queuing up to fetch water, deteriorating feeder roads full of potholes, no accessing of electricity and poor sanitation in the settlements, escalating law and order problems and many related issues.
What is Kaupa and his district development authority doing?
We hardly see basic services.
Kaupa should refrain from being complacent in his own comfort turf and should start cultivating positive strategies to deliver services.
His campaign promises are not being fulfilled.
The sole responsibility of an MP is to deliver basic services to the people.

Jimmy Bill Mondo,
Turn-Off Section

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