Moresby North West facing water issues


IT is almost a year now since the last year’s general election and so far I have seen and heard of Moresby North East and Moresby South’s MPs rolling out their programmes and talking about the developments taking place in their respective electorates.
What about Moresby North West? I know my member is Sir Mekere Morauta, who I have so much respect for but after almost a year waiting, I am anxious to see development p[lans for Moresby Northwest.
I am a current resident of June Valley, and for the past three years I have witnessed the current water situation which needs immediate attention. Due to low pressure, there is hardly any running water and people have to wake up as early as 2am seven days a week to at least fetch water, not from a running tap, but from a main.
This has been going on for three consecutive years but from long-term residents, it is more than 10 years now and no one has bothered to help.
Please Sir Mekere, water is a basic need and I live near one of the mains that hundreds come to fetch water from at 3am every day.
Please help. This is running into the fourth year and I cannot put up with it anymore.
Waiting for your response.

Tumba Biinem
June Valley

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