Moresby South 9s in March


THE 3rd annual Moresby South League Justin Tkatchenko Super Nines Cup is set for March 15-24 at the Bill Skate Oval, Kaugere, to open the 2019 season.
Moresby South MP and Lands and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko has allocated K100,000 for the competition.
Moresby South League chairman Brown Murema said the event is recognised by the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League as an affiliated member and they would comply to all the requirements and by laws.
Murema warned teams who had players who were serving suspensions or any PNGRFL sanctions would not be allowed to play.
He confirmed that the league was taking expression of interest from interested clubs. The tournament has a limited number of places — 32 spots for the open men’s division and 16 spots each for the Under-20s and women’s divisions.
The league also invited teams from other leagues in the city and Southern region — National Capital District, Central, Gulf, Western, Oro and Milne Bay — to field teams in the tournament.
Last year the Alotau Hidomos supported by Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel participated in the tourney.
Murema said the U20 and women’s competitions would kick off on March 15-17 and the open men’s on March 21- 24.
Murema said affiliation remained the same with open men’s invitational sides to pay K1000 and Moresby South League affiliates to pay K500 for all divisions.
The cash prize for the open men’s champions was K20,000 with the runners-up getting K10,000.
The U20 and women’s champions would get K5000 while the runners-up would get K2500.
Moresby South MP Tkatchenko is expected to kick off the finals and present the awards.
“This support has seen Moresby South players Maya Clark and Shane Haro making the PNG Hunters training camp,” Murema said of the impact of the support.
“These two players and others who played in the PNG National Rugby League Digicel Cup have set the pace for the up and coming players in the Moresby South league.”