Moresby South league reinstates Vabukori club


MORESBY South Rugby League has approved the re-admittance of Vabukori Mosquitoes from this season.
League acting chairman Nathan Andes and his executives have advised the club to fulfil all the requirements, including paying the club affiliation and player registration fees. “We have now expanded the competition to a record 16 clubs to create more opportunities for grassroots talents,” he said.
“This is arguably the country’s biggest competition as an affiliate of the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL).”
Andes said Mosquitoes must field an Under-20, A-grade and women’s team. Mosquitoes executives thanked the league for accepting their interest to be re-admitted to the competition after a lengthy hiatus.
“The re-admittance of Mosquitoes came off the back of their A-grade and U20 performances in the recent JT Super Nines Cup rugby league tournament,” Andes said.
“They have a player base in Vabukori and maybe Taikone.
“But they have been encouraged to convince women and girls to register with the club. PNGRFL’s requirement of a women’s division is aimed at encouraging and promoting gender equality in the sport in communities across the country.”
“These are the national governing body’s directives, and we will ensure compliance in our competition. We have warned Kaugere Bulldogs, Taurama Wolfpack, Koki Eels, Kipo Eastern Pride and Talai Spartans to make an effort to field women’s teams from this year.”
Andes thanked Gabutu Dragons, Two-Mile Pearl, Sab City Raiders, Joyce Bay Roosters, Korobosea Souths, Kaugere Seagulls, Six-Mile Crows, Vadavada United, Kone Eagles and Southern Sons.