Moresby South league serious about stamping out dual registration


MORESBY South Rugby Football League (MSRL) says it will make every effort to clamp down on player dual registrations in the new season at Moresby South Stadium.
League treasurer and coaching director Bagelo Solien said dual registrations were an ongoing issue in the men’s and women’s divisions.
“We are warning players that we will clamp down on dual registration,” he said.
“We are calling on other city competitions, including the Port Moresby Rugby Football League, to be serious about this and monitor player registration.” Solien said players needed to understand that dual registration was against the MSRL rules. We tried our best last season and suspended dual-registered players,” he said. “This year, we are going to continue cracking down on dual registration.”
Solien said clubs would be sanctioned if they had players with a dual registration.
“All those Moresby South Rugby League players competing in other city competitions should not return as they are not needed here,” he said.
“These players know who they are. They have no respect for the tireless competition coordinators who are trying to make it happen for everyone each season.”