Moresby turning into regional fighting arena

Letters, Normal

The National- Thursday, February 3, 2011

 PORT has become like an Engan or Souther Highlands Provincial City. They have their townships and stations back at their home provinces but their city is here in NCD Central Province. 

They are ever where you – the urban drift of these two ethnic groups have increased twofold in last 10 years resulting increased ethnic group fights, death rates, petty crimes, vandalism, street vendors right in the middle of work districts in the city. 

The unemployed ones of these two ethnic groups seem to be acting totally opposite to what is right. 

If there is a public fight any where in the capital today, 99% of the probability of who is involved would be none other than a person or group of people from these two ethnic groups.

We are sick and tired of it all.

Their political leaders should not only condemned their animalistic and primitive ways here in NCD and Central Province, they should take action like repatriating the unemployed ones.

Mere words to them it will never change them, we do not act like that; we are peace loving, respectful and fun loving people. 

Send them back to where they belong and work the lands to earn a honest leaving and not hang around here and look for opportunity or make one through their unlawful acts. Send them back to their home land as words only can not change what they are.



Papuan native

Port Moresby