Mori: I wrote model

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The National,Wednesday18 January 2012

WERA Mori of Mori Resources Ltd, which is contracted by the government to facilitate compensation payment under the Highlands Highway rehabilitation programme, has described negative comments by people in Chimbu as “misleading, misconstrued and desperately opportunistic”.    
Mori was responding to a report in The National last Friday.
He said he was the one who solely wrote the Simbu Model and presented it to the government and not Peter Kama and his Homeland Joint Venture or the Simbu Highlands Highway Landowners Association.
He said people like Kingstone Womai were “desperados who purport to be the association’s general secretary and insinuating unfounded and defamatory comments that potentially tarnish individuals and their reputation”.
Mori said people with grievances should address them at appropriate forums such as the courts.
He called on people like Womai to prove allegations of hijacking of contracts because the matter was of national interest.
He said he and Works Secretary Joel Luma were reputable people of high standing and with unblemished career backgrounds.
Mori called on the media to be sensible, responsible and fair when reporting issues that could give or send the wrong signal or message to people.
He wants reporters, especially James Apa Gumuno of The National, to cross check his sources of information with other parties before writing his stories.
He accused Gumuno of serving the interests of hidden agendas of “a desperate bunch of opportunists”. 
Mori said EMR was legitimately and legally contracted to render services to the government on the HHRP exercises and would continue to do so as long as the contract remains.
Mori said factions, groups and opportunists who could not offer any tangible and counter technological state-of-the-art mapping system to eradicate corruption should not waste time but simply “kiss my ass”.
He called on the media and anyone wishing to discuss matters relating to the HHRP exercises to call him directly on mobile 7191 5687 or his assistant Lassark Joseph on 7111 0700.