Mori says ‘boom boxes’ to blame for poor grades


Chuave MP Wera Mori has blamed bluetooth speakers of “boom boxes” for students achieving poor academic results in schools in the district.
Mori, who is the Commerce and Industry Minister, was disappointed that grade 12 students from Yaweh Moses Secondary School did poorly last year.
“I built the best school facilities for you,” he said.
“The dormitory is the first-ever in any secondary school – four students living in one unit with a shower and toilet
“I built classrooms and computer laboratories.
“Utilise them to the fullest and give me the best academic results.
“The poor results are because students are playing with “boom boxes” and not concentrating on school.
“You must focus on your studies.
“If you are going from grade 9 to 10 to 11 and 12, focus on your education.
“I have spent so much on education.
“Parents, you must discipline your children and teach them to focus on their studies.”
Mori said Chimbu had no resources like Jiwaka, Eastern Highlands and Western Highlands which had coffee plantations and fertile land.
He said Chimbu only had human resource, so “forget the boom box and concentrate on your studies”.
Mori expressed his frustration for the poor grades as students began the 2019 academic year last week.

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