Mori stands by Securities Commission appointment


COMMENCE and Industry Minister Wera Mori says that Alex Tongayu is the legitimate acting chairman of the PNG Securities Commission, trying to bring to an end a dispute that has seen former chairman Christopher Hnanguie take the matter to court.
He said Tongayu’s appointment in October was confirmed by the Securities Commission Appointment Committee as required by law.
“We met with the appointment committee chaired by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, myself, Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch, Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel, Attorney-General Davis Stevens and Bank of PNG Governor Loi Bakani,” Mori said.
“We were all present and made the decision (on Oct 24) that
Alex Tongayu is the acting chairman.
“The appointment was formally executed by the governor-general in the National Gazette.”
Mori said a court ruling found that it was unlawful for Richard Maru, who was Trade and Commerce Minister at the time, to sack Tongayu as acting chairman.
“So if the court declares that it was unlawful, then I have no other options. I have got to restore him back,” he said.
“And by restoring him back, it also means that the appointment of the other fellow (Christopher Hnanguie) is unlawful so he cannot occupy that place.”
Mori said Maru appointed Hnanguie chairman in 2017 and his chairmanship came to an end last April 4 when the National Court ruled Tongayu’s sacking null and void.
Mori said Hnanguie’s appointment as chairman officially ceased last April 17 as gazetted.
He said that Hnanguie has filed a judicial review of the case and the matter is pending in the National Court.
“While the judicial review is still pending, Hnanguie decided to file a criminal complaint against Tongayu for forging the National Gazette G 241 of 2018 and conspiring with myself as the Minister for Commerce and Industry and the minister’s first secretary to revoke Hnanguie’s appointment,” Mori said.
“How can I forge my own signature?”

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