Mori wants Parlt to ban Facebook for 12 months

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COMMERCE and Industry Minister Wera Mori says he will support any motion in Parliament to ban Facebook.
He said too many Papua New Guineans were abusing it, “creating lies and malice”.
“I condemn the use of Facebook in this country,” he said.
He suggested that a 12-month ban should be imposed on users “so that people get their acts right and learn to use it better”.
“There needs to be some legislations governing it,” he said.
He said it could be an important medium of communication “if applied in the way it is supposed to be applied. Unfortunately, we in PNG do not know how to impart messages on Facebook, the applications on the use of Facebook and other forms of media, IT, to impart and disseminate information in such situation and circumstances,” he said.
“When people put out in public information that are half-baked, filled with malice and lies, it will create animosity which may lead to destruction of properties.
“I am one of those ministers and politicians who would like to (promote) freedom of speech.”
He called on the Minister for Communications to table a motion for debate in Parliament on the use of Facebook in PNG.
“This must be done to restore normalcy. A lot of lies have been told through that forum. I am going to support the motion to ban Facebook in this country.”

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