Morobe admin must act now


THIS picture shows an unwanted scene now developing in the main business centre in Lae’s Top Town, where groups of unemployed youths, men and women gather and sit around store fronts all day doing nothing.
Most of the unemployed people in these group are from outside Morobe who use Awa and Banana Block along Cassowary Road as cheap transit lodges and embark in street vending, prostitution and petty crimes such as pick-pocketing.
Others use that opportunity to sell betel nut along the pathways which is the cause of the red-stained streets all over the CBD.
You will hardly find groups of Morobe youth congregating in the Top Town area so, in light of this, could the Morobe administration work with other relevant State agencies to stop these illegal gatherings so that the people of Morobe and other law-abiding city residents can move freely without intimidation and without worrying about being robbed.
It is time the provincial administration, Lae City Authority and other relevant agencies take control to make Lae City an attractive investment destination and strong industrial hub of the country, providing employment and education opportunities for all law-abiding citizens – both Morobeans and from other parts of the country.
Proactive action must be taken to ensure a conducive environment is developed for sustained growth.
So, to the Morobe administration: The people of Morobe are watching you and are becoming frustrated with your lack of action on issues affecting the province.
Act now and do not let this city go to the dogs.

Concerned City Resident

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