Morobe admins to be moved to growth areas


DEPUTY provincial administrators will be relocated to growth centres to oversee the functions of district development authorities, Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu says.
Saonu said there were four deputy administrators. They are Robin Bazinuc (social services), Kissu Lucas (infrastructure and growth centres), Murewe Zurenuoc (governance) and Masayang Moat (economics).
They are assisting acting provincial administrator Sheila Harou.
“That is fine, but let us relocate them to Fisika, Anga and Huon Gulf to oversee the administrative functions of districts in collaboration with chief executive officers of the districts,” Saonu said.
“Currently the four deputy administrators are located at the provincial headquarters which is likely duplicating each other’s roles and functions.”
The growth centres are Wau-Bulolo, Umi, Gagidu and those in pipeline areas like Wasu and Morobe post.
Saonu said moving the administrators would allow them to identify the needs of the people in districts and local level governments.
“We need practical people in local level governments such as agriculture extension officers, health inspectors, community development planners and economic officers who can identify cash crops and train people with related skills how to convert those commodities into cash,” Saonu said.
Meanwhile Menyamya MP Thomas Pelika said he would be strict with public servants.
He said public servants in the district hardly go out to identify what the people needed before implementing programmes and projects.