Morobe aims for ‘zero dropouts’


THE Morobe government is embarking on a “zero school dropout” programme aimed a ensuring that all school leavers find meaningful employment, Governor Ginson Saonu says.
Saonu said this on Monday during his keynote speech at a youth employment programme consultative workshop in Eriku, Lae, which was attended by acting provincial administrator Sheila Harou, provincial education adviser Keith Jiram, World Bank consultant David Evans, Urban Youth Employment Programme (UYEP) coordinator Dr Mathias Liu, Exodus project management director Noah Ariku and other stakeholders. “A mere 25 per cent of students (in Morobe) meet national standards to progress beyond secondary level education,” he said.
“We need to obtain statistics on youth illiteracy, unemployment, dependency, economic potential, job availability and education level.
“I want to see empowerment and tapping the untapped potentials of the 40 per cent illiterate population and the 75 per cent of students who do not proceed to tertiary level education.
“The (provincial) government
will empower and take on the human capital of our college and university graduates who are not successful in securing employment either in the formal sector or informal sector.
“I call on each of you to join hands with my government to realise the zero-dropout policy.
“Zero-dropouts from elementary schools to colleges and universities.”