Morobe authorities warn clubs about noise pollution


MOROBE provincial liquor licensing division is restricting liquor selling hours and loud music to prevent noise pollution.
Taverns and nightclubs clubs that defy the rules will have their liquor licenses removed.
Morobe provincial liquor licensing chairman Roy Imias said that the liquor licensing board, law and order and the police met with two particular club owners which the public raised concerns about.
Imias said that they met with Club 140 owner Jacob Maraga operating at Tent Siti and Russell Rahman of Redison at 8th Street, Top Town.
Imias said that Rahman assured to relocate his gas selling depot elsewhere; while improve the security lightings and tighten the security guards to manage the premises together with entry and exit gates with loud music to be minimised.
Imias said that Maraga told the board that a building is being constructed to house the music The building to be completed by the end of the year, will have its sound proof facilities installed.
“However, if any clubs that defy our instructions and will not respect the public will see their liquor license removed, though we respect their business but public concern must also be considered for a peaceful environment” Imias said.
Imias said that the operating hours for taverns ends at 12 midnight while for dance nightclubs at 2pm.

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