Morobe churches receive funds

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013


CHURCHES in Morobe have received more than K1 million from the Morobe government so far this year and another K4.5 million would be provided by the end of the year. 

Governor Kelly Naru is putting one-tenth of the province’s internal revenue of K5.5million into funding church activities and services to the province.

“We must make God’s business our business too,” Naru told his Minister for Religion Charlie Foike when handing over a K50,000 cheque to the Boana Lutheran parish last week.     

The money would pay for the administrative costs of organising the Lutheran church’s national women’s conference at Boana in September 2014.

Naru also committed another K200,000 for the hosting of actual event and urged locals and visitors to involve themselves in church work. 

“Give of your funds and time now and God will shower blessings on you,” Naru, a strong Lutheran advocate, said. 

Local MP Siniwin Gisuate, credited for securing rights to host the conference in his electorate, made the largest commitment of K500,000 while Foike committed K50,000 from his local level government funds and an additional K20,000 from his ministry. 

Community affairs representative in the Morobe Tutumang (provincial assembly) Amos Wallace made a surprise commitment for K5,000, bringing the total to K825,000 that would be released in installments starting this week.

Participants are expected to come from around the country and abroad.