Morobe expects better outcome from scholarship programme

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THE Morobe government will work with student leaders at tertiary institutions to ensure better outcomes for its Gerson Solulu Scholarship, education chairman Andrew Gena says.
He said this on Friday while addressing Morobe students, who showed their appreciation to the government through the tradition of sharing food.
Garden produce and two pigs were presented to the Morobe provincial administration in the presence of the four deputy provincial administrators, provincial administrator Bart Ipambonj and Governor Ginson Saonu.
“Funding is a huge problem when it comes to scholarships, but the government also wants to make sure that students get better education for the future of this province,” Gena said.
“I am challenging student leaders to be mindful of students who are using the scholarship to get into institutions, but do not take part in union activities. Student leaders are going to be our eyes and ears in the institutions. Students must participate in any activity that is organised by the Morobe students’ union.”
Gena said the grade point average (GPA) of students under the scholarship was also important and must improve each year so the provincial government could continue the sponsorship.
Deputy administrator social services Robin Bazzinuc urged students from Morobe to do their best.
“We expect the best to come from our students, so that we know that this province is producing the best students,” he said.
Gena said K8.5 million was allocated by the provincial executive council for the scholarship programme this year.
“However, K2.5m was paid for outstanding debts that the provincial government has with tertiary institutions,” he said.
Morobe Tertiary Students Union president Jonathan Mambere said more than 1400 Morobe students, who were accepted to different tertiary institutions around the country, had applied for the scholarship.