Morobe focuses on the grassroots

Lae News, Normal

The National- Monday, January 10, 2011


THE Morobe provincial assembly (Tutumang) last Friday approved the K177 million 2011 budget that was described as grass roots-oriented.

The Tutumang comprising four National MPs, 33 council presidents and appointed community representatives voted 36-2.

The two national MPs, Finschhafen’s Theo Zurenuoc and Markham’s Koni Iguan voted against.

Tewai-Siassi’s Vincent Michaels and Menyamya’s Benjamin Philip voted with the majority.

Zurenuoc and Iguan reasoned that for the first time, no joint provincial planning and budget priority committee (JPP&BPC) meeting was held to consult national MPs views to be included in the final budget draft. 

As a result, Siassi High School was not included in the 2011 budget while K1 million earmarked for the new Wantoat High School was reduced to K800,000.

However, Morobe Governor and finance chairman Luther Wenge said that it was not compulsory for the JPP&PBC.

He said a consultative process was done four times among the provincial administration, the district administrators, provincial programme advisers and his office before the final budget draft was approved for presentation.

The budget targets maintenance and rehabilitation of existing government infrastructures while developing others.

. The LLG’s land and physical infrastructure development was given K2,945,300;

.Village and social services K2,945,300; 

.Unconditional grants for LLGs K6,600,000 of which K1,000 would be given to each ward. 

. Village courts wages K499,800; 

. Village courts and land mediation functions K157,000;

. Rural lock ups for Finschhafen, Kabwum, Garaina and Menyamya K72,400;

. LLG growth and service centre development for Hube, Sialum, Kabwum, Wantoat, Boana, Garaina and Menyamya K127,600; and

l District support grant for members non-discretionary fund K2,500,000. 

Under the public investment programmes,

* Maintenance for Menyamya rural aid posts K850,000;

* National agriculture development programme (NADP) K9 million; and

* Bris Kanda, an NZAID funded socio-economic group in Huon Gulf area received K2.151 million.  

District infrastructure improvement programmes,

. Infrastructure works and maintenance K11,3853,000; 

. Infrastructure, works and construction K12,731,800; 

. Economic infrastructure and investment K4,750,000;

. Land mobilisation K100,000; 

. Economic hub development K50,000; 

. Cocoa coconut production K200,000; and

. Cattle breeding K200, 000.