Morobe government to get tough on law breakers

Lae News, Normal

The National- Friday, January 21, 2011



THE government of Morobe will not take criminal acts lightly with Governor Luther Wenge warning that they will come down hard on law breakers in the city and province.

Speaking on Radio Morobe yesterday, Wenge said that with the influx of people coming into Lae from elsewhere in PNG and Morobe, settlements in and around the city were growing and so was crime.

He said criminals at East and West Taraka were stealing vehicles especially around the Tarakas, Unitech, Limki and Kamkumung junction areas and selling them, either in parts or as they were to established buyers and police were already aware of that. 

He said the government has had enough of these troubles and would be working with Lae and Morobe police to make sure criminal activities were brought under control.

“There is a major car stealing and buying ring taking place in the West Taraka area, in which I was also a victim,” he said. 

Wenge’s car was stolen from his driver last Saturday and nearly sold but police recovered it.

He said car jackings, hold ups, murders and rapes were happening almost everyday in the city and as soon as funds from the provincial budget become available, the provincial government “will get behind police and get tough”.

“Many government, company and private vehicles are being stolen and sold in a crime ring that is happening as I speak but once the funds are ready we will hunt them down,” he said.

Wenge said the provincial government would also be working towards reviving the West Taraka police station, saying the Huon district had failed to include that project in their budget.

The Miles area outside Lae was also identified as a hot spot and he also warned that the government, with the aid of police, would step in anytime and fish out the troublemakers.

He said Lae was a metropolitan city and should be a safe and pleasant place for all to live in but criminals were giving it a bad name and denying residents their rights to move around freely and peacefully.

Wenge said those people found harbouring and abetting criminals would also be severely dealt with.