Morobe govt challenged


IT is not normal for the Morobe Disaster director to react sarcastically when confronted as to why his office decided to react unethically and remorselessly to what happened to those Lutheran pilgrims who died while tracking over the Sarawaget Ranges to celebrate a centenary of mission work, in the Komba Valley in Kabwum.
The Morobe Disaster director did not only give an unfavourable response as reported by this paper but he bluntly referred those seeking assistance on that tragic event to go to Ampo, the Lutheran Church head office, for reasons known to himself.
Their reasons as to why they cannot act amounts to openly denouncing their responsibilities vested by the Morobe administration. I call on the Governor Gibson Saonu to make a stand on this reckless attitude.
We cannot deny the fact that those victims are citizens of Morobe and PNG and the Lutheran Church is the dominant church there, existing along government service lines as a major partner in the provision of development in the social sector, including infrastructure services.
Governor, I call on you to direct the administrator to remove the Provincial Disaster director immediately regardless.
Many citizens have died while being denied the very resources rightfully meant for saving them, or at least bringing in their corpse to their loved ones, which is totally an indirect act of animosity to the Morobe people and their church.

Pastor Samson Supaka
St Daniel Lutheran Church

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