Morobe govt should change tax methods


THE current exercise by Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) by de-grouping companies and businesses is welcoming for all provinces.
I commend IRC Commissioner Sam Koim for that.
I urge Morobe government and Governor Ginson Saonu to follow the footsteps of Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta and his provincial government and invite IRC to do the same in Morobe as soon as possible.
Sixty per cent of goods and services taxes can be diverted to provinces.
The Morobe government can tax all goods entering and leaving Lae main wharf every day.
Money raised out of these excesses should be paid into a special trust account to be shared between Lae City Authority and the 33 local level governments in the districts of Morobe.
The authority’s board should have a representative from each district.

Samson C Napo,
Former Bulolo MP