Morobe group eyeing bigger role in community


Women in rural Wasu, in Morobe, have lodged their association’s registration with Investment Promotion Authority and Internal Revenue Commission.
Wasu Women’s Association lodged its certificates of registration with IPA and IRC to create an avenue for rural mothers to run businesses.
The certificates were lodged last week and presented to the association by Morobe policy planning adviser Jeffery Kaut and divisional staff David Haro. Chairperson and LLG women’s president Dendung Tirimo said the association was established to allow women to fully participate in development and decision-making.
“The area is inaccessible by road with no proper health facilities and lacks major economic activities,” Tirimo said.
“We saw the need and came together to help other women who die from snakebites, birth complications and serious illnesses.”
Tirimo said their late LLG president, Petrus Yasing, had helped them get the certificates after they had organised themselves.
The LLG supported the women with K40,000 which helped them to get a draft architectural design of the soon-to-be built women’s resource centre.
The event was witnessed by Tewae-Siassi district chief executive Sam Engam, LLG acting-manager Rommy Moewe, Siassi local level government manager Thomas Apul and programme officers from the district.
Engam told the women that if their association leadership was weak, the certificates were useless and the association would collapse.

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