Morobe guest house operator keen to attract visitors

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The National, Thursday 6th June 2013


A GUEST house operator on the remote Morobe Patrol Post coast wants to attract more visitors to inject life into the local economy.

Popsy Popoka is the owner of Minibera Guest House, a little establishment nestled beside Morobe Bay, a beautiful location that could potentially become a tourist haven.

He built the guest house in 2006 from local material and purchased dining furniture, cutlery, beddings and a generator from the income he made from fish ponds he operates. 

Popoka told of his dream to expand the guest house and replace the present flimsy jetty with a floating one out on the bay to cater for cruise ships.  

Visitors are rare to Minibera and Popoka’s efforts and dreams to expand seem remote. But he has not given up hope and has called on the Morobe provincial government to support his initiative and market his guest house in the country and overseas.

“I know there are people in many parts of the world who would want to visit and stay in a place like Minibera but they do not know that it exists.

“I would appreciate it if the Government started marketing small village-based initiatives like mine,” Popoka said.    

The guest house is constructed wholly of local material and offers three bedrooms, an open dormitory style residence, a simple diner and an outhouse. 

A small generator lights up the establishment from 6pm to 10pm and allows for the electrical needs of guests.

Popoka’s wife is an excellent cook who delights in pleasing her guests with a range of local dishes that feature fish freshly caught from the bay as the main course.