Morobe introduces new application system for Gr12s


THE introduction of a new grade 12 school leavers application system marks a new era in Morobe, says provincial education programme adviser Keith Jiram.
The system was launched in the province last week.
“With this new system, selection for students will be justly made and students will have a second chance to decide on their choices after knowing their final grade 12 marks,” he said. Principals, teachers and education officials have been briefed on the system.
“The system will also increase the number of students’ enrolment into tertiary institutions, unlike in the past where some were denied despite being qualified,” Jiram said.
Jiram said the idea was brilliant and suitable for the country. But it needed resources and expertise to support it.
Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology official Thimon Bune said there were two phases to the process – the students’ applications and the checking of marks by authorities.
Bune said this year’s grade 12 students will use the system for the first time.

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