Morobe leader disputes bid to defer polls

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The National, Tuesday 26th March 2013


Morobe Deputy Governor Morokoi Gaiwata is against the deferral of local level government (LLG) elections due to a by-election for Angoram open in East Sepik.

Gaiwata, who is the president of Waria LLG in Morobe, also spoke out yesterday against several Western Highlands LLG presidents who wanted the Electoral Commission to allow councillors only to vote for their presidents.

He said this following an announcement by Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen that the by-election, caused by the recent death of Angoram MP Ludwig Schulze, would take precedence over the LLG elections.

Trawen had said another factor affecting LLG elections was the budget shortfall of K30 million. 

He said the commission had requested K80 million from the government but was allocated only K50 million. 

The commission was waiting for the government’s response on its renewed request for an additional K30 million.

However, the Morobe leader insisted that the LLG elections go ahead as scheduled in June despite the by-election.

“Why can’t the by-election be done in Angoram only while the rest of Papua New Guinea have their LLG elections?” Gaiwata questioned.

He agreed with Trawen that all presidents be voted by the people and not by a minority of councillors as in the past.