Morobe LLG forms group to push fisheries ventures

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The National, Tuesday 28th May 2013


THE Salamaua local level government in Morobe has created a business arm to promote fishery activities and meet financial needs, Bomagaiw Ltd president Joshua Hagai says.

He said the formation of the company would help sustain the council administration and also encourage 17 ward areas to participate meaningfully in socio-economic activities.

Bomagaiw engages in fish-buying and selling and was set up purposely to improve and maintain government’s delivery mechanism directly to communities.

“The company aimed to act as a vehicle to embrace communities and provide opportunity for fishermen and women in LLG to involve and promote local fishery activities to meet financial needs.

“It also promotes and encourages locals to invest in the business and take ownership through the use of marine resources.

The acronym Bomagaiw covers the coastal and interior tribes of Bom, Male, Gawal and Iwal that makes up the 17 Salamaua wards. 

“It was timely for 17 councillors to establish a benchmark and a pillar that would enhance Salamaua LLG to rely on and involve people to participate in economy activities to help livelihoods,” Hagai said.

The company is the brain child of LLG manager Joe Paru, Hagai and the 17 ward councillors, who raised K30,000 as nominal capital, K1,000 each from 17 wards, K10,000 from administration and presidents’ unconditional grant.

Hagai said Salamaua and Morobe LLGs were two of the least developed areas and that required leaders and people to use available resources in impact projects.

Former administrator Tony Ase assured that Salamaua has realign itself with the Vision 2050’s aim in empowerment and wealth creation at LLG level.

“LLGs need to be creative to initiate projects that will sustain them to become self-reliant instead of being dependent every time from government funding,” Ase said.