Morobe locals to get power

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013

 THE people of Winima in Morobe will receive electricity services after a commitment of K1.5 million was made by the provincial government for a power supply project. 

The K1.5 million is the first part of K3.8 million dedicated to installing electricity from Wau to Winima for a total of 25km and into the rural communities. 

Governor Kelly Naru presented a cheque to PNG Power Ltd last Friday to begin the first 10km.

The project would include construction of 25km of high and low voltage power lines to Winima village, installation of distribution power transformers, test and commissioning of the line.

Naru said the people of Winima needed electricity and his government would push for rural electrification projects to light up most rural communities.  

“We must use up our funds in bringing essential services like power, roads and schools into the rural communities and improve the livelihood of the people in the rural communities,” he said. 

“When we bring electricity in, banking, communication, postage, health and education services will surely follow. 

“This is the network advantage and business drive.” 

PNG Power rural services directorate project manager Mamose, Bernard Ururu said it was a good initiative by the provincial government. 

“We, as a government service provider, will take this job as a challenge and perform to expectations in bringing electricity services to the people of Wau and Winima,” Ururu said in accepting the cheque.

Nahuwi Landowners Association chairman Rex Mauri said the landowners wanted to see projects being implemented and action in service delivery. 

“Electricity is a big benefit to landowners and the nearby communities and we will support the project. If anyone asks for compensation payments, it is unacceptable,” Mauri said.