Morobe loses prominent pilot


MOROBE has lost one of its prominent sons in Capt Thomas Keindip, the chief pilot of North Coast Aviation (NCA).
Keindip, 40, from Sikam village in Komba local-level government, in Kabwum, died on Sunday after a short illness.
Capt Thomas Keindip’s younger brother, Kipas Keindip, said his brother was admitted at the Flores Medical Centre for malaria on Friday at around 7pm but his condition deteriorated and he was rushed to the Angau Memorial Hospital where he died.
Kipas said the family was shocked and were still trying to come to terms with his sudden death.
“He is someone who is full of energy but an easy-going person,” he said.
“He is full of compassion and is a very helpful person.
“He likes to help people in the rural areas.
“During his many trips to remote areas, he buys gardens foods from unfortunate mothers and bring them back home.”
Pastor Giesa Panpan, the late pilot’s cousin, said Thomas was a dedicated worker, church member and family man.
“I was with him at the hospital when he died,” he said.
“As soon as he left us I texted all the elites of Kabwum but they could not believe it.
“Just last Thursday he was flying the plane and his death got everyone by shock.”
Panpan said Thomas had flown to more than 600 rural airstrips and is one of the most experienced pilots in the country.
At the time of his death, Thomas was the chief pilot of North
Coast Aviation (NCA) and the company’s operations manager.
He had worked for the company since 2006.
Prior to that, he worked for six years with Missionary Aviation Fellowship.
Thomas is survived by his wife Magdalene, sons Jeremiah and Zechariah, and daughter Aisah.