Morobe made a big mistake by not re-electing Wenge

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday August 08th, 2012

I WISH to thank former Morobe governor Luther Wenge for representing the people for the past 15 years with dignity and leadership.
The firebrand, outspoken politician and defen­der of the Constitution has done the people proud.
He has created a legacy by being the first Moro­bean politicianto always put his province and country first.
The development in Lae and other parts of Morobe are some of the plans he initia­ted during his term.
He reduced the burden of parents with his Solulu scholarship scheme which benefited many youngsters so that they can come back and deve­lop Morobe.
The people, especially in rural areas, have made a big mistake by not electing him to continue his work.
They have been mani­pulated by some selfish people who are power-hungry and who will only serve themselves, not the interest of the people.
I know, however, that Wenge will still fight on as we all know that he is the best in court, as proven before.