Morobe miner signs deal with villagers

Lae News, Normal

The National, Tuesday, April 26, 2011

THE Morobe Mining Joint Venture at Hidden Valley in Bulolo, Morobe, has recognised the Ekuta clan from Nauti village, Watut, by awarding them a crusher operation company.
Company executives from MMJV and NKW Holdings Ltd and Morobe provincial government officials witnessed the signing of the memorandum of agreement by Hamata Ltd chairman Daniel Askai and secretary Mauri Mita at Mavra Guest House, Eriku last Thursday.
The crusher equipment was bought from Germany for K12 million.
The equipment is operating at the mining site, NKW manager Bill Munzt said.
The contract agreement was for 12 months to allow “for the review of the MoA to readjust nitty-gritties of the contract”.
NKW chairman Rex Mauri challenged the Nautis to forgo in-house differences and work as a team for the betterment of the community.
“The executives of Hamata Ltd have to commit and perform their roles and responsibilities accordingly to achieve results.”
Mauri said the directors were not the managers.
“Leave the managers to perform their duties while directors stick to your obligations.
“You are fortunate as landowners and MMJV and NKW has served you on a golden plate. Never misuse.
“Take care of it and utilize accordingly to the best of your abilities to get the maximum benefit out of it,” Mauri said.
Acknowledging the success of the landowner company, community sustainable programmes manager David Wissink said within MMJV, “opportunities to involve landowners participate meaningfully are available”.