Morobe mum shows loyalty to company

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

JOAN Igah from Morobe has been working with the PNG Forest Products (PNGFP) Ltd at Bulolo in Morobe for 36 years.
A mum of three, she is among a few other locals who have worked more than 10 years with the company.
Igah, from Gom village on Siassi Island, Morobe, said she started working for the company when she was 26 years old.
She is now the personal assistant to the general manager.
She said most employees like her could not leave PNG Forest Products because of the way the company looked after their welfare.
Igah has two grandchildren and lives with her husband Tiki Igah, who also works for the firm, in a company accommodation at Bulolo.
“Working here (Bulolo) is interesting because the atmosphere is excellent, the climate is cool, friendly people of all nationalities and access to other services such as banks and stores are within company premises,” she said.
“I like working here because I have free/subsidised housing.
“More importantly, the company is self- supported,  has its own electricity, water supply and garbage collection – free to all employees.
“Security within the premises is provided by PNGFP, 24 hours seven days a week.
“The company provides international subsidies for education for our children within the compound, safe walking distance for children. My children went to this international school and are now grown up.
“Both boys are married with two children each,  our only daughter has completed her high school and is continuing her education in information technology at the International Training Institute in Lae.
“My husband is provided a vehicle.”
Igah said she privileged to work with the firm for such a long time.