Morobe must support its entrepreneurs

Letters, Normal

THE recent exchange of words between Morobe Governor Luther Wenge and Bulolo MP Sam Basil can be seen as evidence of weak leadership and incompetence from our politically elected leaders.
The childish and immature comments from the governor are truly an insult, not only to the Buang and Bulolo people, but to all the nine districts and people of Morobe province.
I, for one, support the call by the Bulolo MP for the Morobe provincial government to seriously invest in Morobeans’ participation in business or economic activities in the province.
The good governor should understand that all the provinces are fighting for development in their provinces and putting provincial interest before national interest.
Morobe can only move forward through an educated and economically independent population.
Thus, all Morobean entrepreneurs should be given priorities in terms of business opportunities so that the people can participate in the socio-economic development of the province.
As for the governor’s national interest, it will only be improved and promoted through coordinated efforts of all provinces.
The governor should think about his Nabak people, particularly his Bainduang people, who for years have not been able to participate in any business or economic activities.
After all, is it not one of the governor’s visions to see Morobeans actively participate in the development of their province?
Whilst the intention of the governor is good for the country, as a province, we need to move forward and we can only achieve this by creating business opportunities, providing credit facilities and encouraging local participation.
The bottom line is, if the people of Morobe province can increase their income levels, this will lead to improved living standard as people will have money to spend on other necessities of life like education, health, housing, transport, community obligations, etc.


Franco Wawen
Via email