Morobe needs more teachers in technical schools: Officer


MOROBE has appointed more than 350 primary school teachers in various positions for next year, says provincial education programme adviser Keith Tangui.
While not confirming the exact number, Tangui said many teachers were leaving this year after reaching retirement age.
Not many were applying or eligible for teaching positions, especially in secondary and technical and vocational education and training (TVET), he said.
“Collecting and replacing teachers from secondary and TVET is a big problem,” Tangui said.
“Well over 374 teachers were appointed to various positions in the primary sector. But we need more in our TVET schools, including people with industrial experience, to teach at these 11 schools.”
Tangui said incentives such as new infrastructure and better pay grade should be implemented to attract more teachers.
He confirmed that Morobe’s selection team was now into its second week of teacher appointments for elementary, primary, junior high, senior high schools and TVET.
Tangui said selections were done transparently and on merits.
“These are gazettal appointments sent out by Teachers’ Service Commission,” he said.