Morobe open day promises to be bigger and better

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013


THE annual Morobe open day at the University of PNG will be bigger and better this year.

The Aug 10 event will feature a variety of singsing groups from all the districts of Morobe – Huon Gulf, Kabwum, Finschhafen, Siassi, Markham and Nawaeb. 

Morobe students union president Amos Zasu said the Pacific Adventist University Morobe students and Morobe people living in Port Moresby had been invited to take part in the open day celebrations.

“Live band performances will include Morobe’s hottest and talented singers in K-Dumen, Jokema, Lister Serum and Dadii Gii who will keep the crowd going all throughout the day and at night K-Dumen and Jokema will keep the fire going,” he said.

“We have a list of fun-packed entertainment items that will be displaying their splendor on the day therefore we are urging the Morobe community in NCD, including those who admire the province to come and celebrate together on the day.

“The Open day is one way of preserving and recognising our dying cultures and traditions that young people nowadays must hold strongly on to ensure that practice does not die out over time.

“There will be displays of students work and projects that can benefit the people and the main aim of the day is to ensure that we raise funds in order to fund students of Morobe to go back and conduct awareness of the services and development they see lacking in each of their districts.”

Zasu said the Bisini Oval in Boroko and IEA Tafe College at Ela Beach were being considered as venues for the event.