Morobe parents told charging of project fees legal and necessary


Parents in Morobe are required to pay project fees to keep schools running, provincial education adviser Keith Jiram says.
He said the Provincial Education Act gave provincial education board (PEB) the right to charge fees when there was need.
“Parents are obliged and have a responsibility under the Act to pay fees approved by PEB for all schools to charge each student,” Jiram said.
“They must pay the project fees in the form of parent support fee to keep schools running.”
He said all schools in Morobe are being funded.
“Parents must adhere to schools’ request to pay project fees, because the Act requires them to continue paying fees and supporting the schools,” he said.
“All schools needs parents’ support to keep operating.
Assignments will be given and tests sat if fees are paid by parents.”
He asked for parents to play their part by paying their contribution towards their school’s operational costs when term three starts today.
Jiram said the schools would not send any student home for non-payment of fees.
“All schools in the province have run red and are urgently requiring parents’ support to see off the grade eight, 10 and 12 exams,”. Jiram said.
“We don’t want our children to be affected and exams disturbed because the school is financially broke.”

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