Morobe people have a duty to reshape Pangu


PANGU Pati is synonymous with Morobe people.
It is our political party.
Our fathers help founded it and have supported it to its current tenure in Government.
The party ceased to operate effectively prior to 2017 elections after being led astray by the past parliamentary leaders when the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare left and formed the National Alliance.
The party was revived by Deputy Prime Minister Sam Basil and Sir Michael’s daughter Dulciana Somare-Brash leading up to 2017 elections.
The Morobe people gave them an overwhelming support by electing the current Morobe Pangu MPs, including Basil.
With the emergence of newly-elected Pangu MPs from other parts of the country, the party re-emerged as a power player in Parliament.
The 2022 general election is just around the corner and the Morobe people need to mobilise as they did in 2017.
This time, the Pangu party leadership at the provincial, district, and local level government levels need to get rid of the current non-performing and corrupt Pangu MPs with new Pangu candidates for respective Morobe seats.
A number of them have failed to provide quality leadership.
This is a call to the Morobe people to put on their thinking caps and start mobilising themselves to pursue meaningful changes for the province come 2022 and beyond.
The party’s provincial executives and their team need to take the lead for these much-needed changes to come about.
All these are rooted in quality leadership.