Morobe plans more work to get flexible education into top gear

Youth & Careers

THERE is a lot to be done to properly establish the flexible open and distance education in Morobe, coordinator Nemica Jacob says.
She was responding to concerns raised over the overcrowding problem at Dregerhafen Secondary School in Finschhafen. “Grade 9 students at Dregerhafen can register at the correspondence study centres at Godowa, Heldsbach or Kolem,” she said.
“We also have one centre at Pindiu, in the Hube local level government. I urge the students removed from Dregerhafen to register at those study centres so that they do not miss out on classes.
“The curriculum in the conventional schools is just the same as those taught in Fode schools.”
She said students who had completed grade 9 in conventional schools cannot continue to grade 10 at Fode schools because their marks will not be considered during the assessment for grade 10 certificates. “Work is still being done in this area, therefore students will have to do both grades 9 and 10 at Fode to get their grade 10 certificates,” Jacob said.
She said more than 1000 students have registered this year at the 18 registered centres in Morobe.
The nine districts in Morobe have centres.
Huon Gulf has five. Kabwum and Menyamya established new ones this year.
Jacob said many students and parents were seeking access to Fode education while some students were still at home.