Morobe schools staying home


MOROBE programme adviser for education Keith Tangui says schools in the province will continue normal operations until such a time when the education chairman orders a shutdown.
Tangui said parents were worried and wanted clarity on the status of schools following the recent development of the outbreak in the country with an increase to 62 cases and one yet to be confirmed death as of July 27.
“Classes will continue but schools must observe control measure for total hygiene,” he said.
Although no new case had been reported in the province, Tangui said they could not afford to be complacent.
“Maintain what we have been doing since the first wave of the outbreak,” he said.
“All students should be wearing masks, have hand sanitisers, wash hands and maintain social distancing.
“This is not a time for sharing.”
Tangui called on parents to be responsible for ensuring their children adhered to hygiene measures while at home and to wear masks when at school.
He said schools were aware and prepared from their experience during the first lockdown.