Morobe women eyeing sago as alternative to flour


A community in Morobe is hoping to develop their sago industry as a viable alternative to flour.
The community in Labu-Tale, Huon Gulf, has recently taken part in a workshop on sago processing and preservation.
Labu Tale is opposite Lae Port and hosts a vast swamp of sago palms bordering the Buang Mountains of Bulolo.
Training facilitator Jacob Maila, a graduate of the University of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand, said the workshop involved the small-scale downstream production and processing of local food resources like sago.
The workshop was conducted through the Momase Governors Council secretariat on Aug 20-25.
Mailai said the locals, mostly mothers, were now able to use sago to bake bread, buns, cakes, pizzas, biscuits, make gravy and cook dishes like stew.
They can extract glue, starch, and self-raising substances like yeast.
“I believe the country can at least contribute a fair share to the country’s economic growth and growing in terms of business and agriculture,” Mailai said.
“I appeal to resource owners and the youth to return home and make use of their land and resources, rather than aimlessly moving into urban towns and cities looking for a rich life.
“Stay home, use your resources and turn it into cash and develop a good living standard and support others in need of education and training.”

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