Morobeans must support breakaway plan

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, December 31, 2010

 I REFER to the recent call by Morobe Governor Luther Wenge to break away from the rest of PNG. 

While I support his plan, I wonder whether his call is for a total breakaway or is he seeking autonomy.

Provinces are beginning to feel the impact of a lack of opportunities to bring much desired services and development to the people because of too much petty politics in parliament.

Perhaps, every Morobean should support the call for greater autonomy for the province and let the province pass its own laws, make policies, raise and spend its own revenues in the manner it thinks is appropriate.

For instance, Morobe can impose the Vagrancy Act or make it illegal for ethnic clashes in the city (issues the parliament failed to address) or spend half of its internal revenues on infrastructure in Lae and the districts.

If the national government continues to ignore the plight of the people, then this is the way forward for Morobe and maybe other provinces.



Franco Wawen 

Via email