Morobeans want Tomala to remain

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The National, Monday 25th March 2013


MOROBEANS want the provincial government and the national executive council (NEC) to retain Kemaseng Tomala as the administrator for another term to ensure he completed all projects he had initiated.

Various non-government organisations, including church, youth and women groups and tertiary student leaders, gave that view support last Friday.

 Morobe Independent Justice Association (MIJA) chairman Jasper Jema claimed that Morobe Governor Kelly Naru, after signing performance contract agreement document for Tomala, did not reinstate him.

A document with almost 50 pages containing Tomala’s performances, achievements, challenges and initiatives was supported by 1,873 signatures from community and project group association leaders.

University of Technology chaplain Rev Elymas Bakung, Jema, Miti Katu from people with disabilities and women leaders Yatap Matere and Alevi Michael described Tomala as a down-to-earth administrator.

“Tomala was capable of protecting the integrity and stability of administrators’ office while he initiated massive developmental projects, huge in their magnitudes for the socio-economic benefit of the province,” they said. 

“Morobeans will never welcome any administrator outside of Morobe by birthright without background knowledge and understanding of geo-political and socio-economic issues of Morobe” Jema said.

The leaders claimed that acting administrator Geoving Belong was too soft.

Michael said that Tomala, Patilias Gamato and Tony Ase were among other Morobean candidates.

Provincial principal adviser Ase said the appointment of administrators and divisional heads was the prerogative of provincial government.

“The provincial executive council (PEC) nominates three candidates as its nominees, submits to public service commission (PSC) that advises the department of personnel management (DPM). 

“The PSC and DPM, after scrutiny, advises the national executive council that also scrutinises and verifies related reasons before appointing,” Ase said.